My colleague Paul Allen was nice enough to ask me to contribute to a blog post on web design tips for businesses. You can read the whole post over on Paul’s blog, but here was my #1 tip:

“For every page on a website ask yourself one question: What am I asking people to do here? Sure you’re giving information, maybe even inundating your visitors with images, video, and copy, but at the end of a visit what would be the highest and best outcome? If it’s a phone call, an email address, requesting more information, setting up an appointment, or making a direct purchase of a product, each of these lends itself to different design choices. At the end of the day a good website is bait in the water for the exact fish you are trying to catch.”

If you are considering a new website for your business, let’s talk today about strategies for turning a new website into a conversion tool for finding new customers.

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