Why do you need digital marketing?

Because it looks like this internet thing may be the real deal.

So how do you grow a business and earn a living in a world that seems to spend all its time staring at little screens? You’re going to need three primary components of digital marketing to get your fair share of new business.

Your brand needs a home.

Your website is the place that people are going right now to learn about you and what you do. And the vast majority of them will experience your business for the first time on a mobile device. Your business doesn’t just need a website, you need one that converts prospects into customers.

You have a story. Tell it.

Every business has a story, a compelling argument for why people should trust you to meet their needs. But in a world where 4 billion people have the ability to talk online at once, your story has to be retold daily through every channel that’s relevant to your industry.

You have to be found.

People are searching for businesses like yours online right now. In fact, 82% of adults use search engines to investigate almost every purchase they make. The other 18%? Zombies. Whether your focus is local or global, you need your share of search in order to grow.

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The Numbers

According to Pew Research, Americans use search engines and social media as an input to almost every purchase they make. Here are just a few examples:


Percentage of adults who check online reviews before making a purchase.


Percentage of consumers who regularly consult search engines before buying.


Percentage of people who have sought advice on social media about a local business.

You're working too hard.

Thousands of people are looking for a business just like yours online right now. They will do their research, educate themselves, and make a fast purchasing decision all on their own. If they aren’t finding you, they are finding your competition.